Foul Play, or Suicide?

Well, I blame myself really. My head was turned by emulation. Specifically Combian64 which, if I am being honest, is a really superb Raspberry Pi distribution for booting directly into VICE with added extras.

I even installed it within the TheC64 case and used the keyboard with a custom keymap so it looked and felt like a real C64 breadbin. It is great, really, but I eventually realised the error of my ways. I was missing my old faithful, original hardware Commodore 64.

So, Combian64 packed away, I dug out my original breadbin and the old CRT TV I use, with just a faint niggle at the back of my mind wondering if all would power on correctly. Of course it would, I thought, it’s lasted 40 years so why wouldn’t it still work?

Well, it seems in my absence the Commodore 64 I used daily for years had simply given up. As I say, I blame myself. The TV at least works.

I am going to try and repair this one myself. I’m not overly confident and a terrible solderer but I have to overcome that. If I am to continue with this hobby I need to learn how to repair things myself. Naturally, I ordered a new C64 from ebay too, just in case!

Anyway, parts ordered (RAM chips), new solder kit arrived, and old faithful dissasembled in readiness. Hopefully this weekend will be the operation. I will keep this blog posted!